Application problem lausd

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Application problem lausd

Hello. I am attempting to apply for a job with LAUSD. When I attempt to create an account, I receive the following message: "There is already an application with your identifying information."

When I attempt to go through the Recovery Email process, I receive this message: "The e-mail address does not match an existing user. Please check your e-mail address and try again. If you still need assistance, please click here to access our external support site."


I used to work for LAUSD and am trying to be rehired as a substitute.


Please help

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I understand that the e-mail you're trying to use to recover your account is being flagged as non-existent while an application already exists with your details. I suggest that you check your e-mail address and make sure that it is the same one that you previously used to create that account.

If you continue to face that issue you would want to check Option 3 on the article I've linked below

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I am having the exact same problem and have tried multiple times.
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This is common if you are using a different email address now than when you first created an Applicant account.  I recommend making sure your account isn't associated with another email address by entering a previous email into the password recovery request.  


If you're continuing to experience difficulties, I recommend connecting with our Unified Talent Support team to request your information.  You can connect with the team using this direct link.