Calculating compulsory credits removing SHSM granted by overriding requirements


Calculating compulsory credits removing SHSM granted by overriding requirements

Hi All


I discovered that when I have a student set up to override SHSM requirements;


  • 'Award OSSD Separately' flagged,
  • 'SHSM Date Earned' populated
  • 'Granted by:' BSID completed

and I calculate compulsory credits, the SHSM info disappears. This is the logic for removing the SHSM;screenshot.png


Is this affecting anyone else?

How are you approaching the order you are running all your mark reporting processes?

At what point are boards completing the SHSM requirement overrides, whether this is individually or by script?

We're looking at the order we do everything in to minimize individual updates after the whole school mark reporting process.This has added another consideration into the mix.




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We are doing our overrides manually in Core Trillium 4.13.10 after achievement has been processed.

When calcuating in Core, there doesn't seem to be an issue (either through Build Sec Achievement or Transcript Information).  


When I calculate in TWebSchAdmin it removes the SHSM award.  None of our schools are using TWebSchAdmin to do this.


Thanks - great to hear we are not the only ones to discover this! 

We are already resigned to doing any regenerating of achievement in core due to inconsistencies with respecting demit codes in ETrillium. Looks like we are going to have to be strict with any click-happy schools and ask them not to press buttons in ETrillium! 



Hi Rosie, we have also seen this issue at our board but for us it was only some students. Looking into the database in FS_STUDENT_AWARDS these student being removed are earning the SHSM on June 26 2020 but the school year that is being populated is 20182019


I could modify the database to force 20192020, but that didnt stop the SHSM from being removed when calculating compulsory credits.


I've asked out staff to not run credit calcs and I'm doing everything in Core at the moment.


We are now seeing these students causing OnSIS errors when they are e-learners. The shared school is getting a School Enrolment error while the home school does not get any error at all. 


The setting of the school year field to the previous school year is intentional.  Please do not modify it to 2019-2020.  When the compulsory credit calculation is run and it determines that the student has not met the requirements for their diploma and/or SHSM, the earned date and organization granting credit will be removed from the fs_student_awards record if the school_year value and the default school year match.


Thanks for the update Sheri. We worked through the script before applying and could not understand why it was set to 18/19 - we assumed as we had to change the granting date to the end of the school year that the school year required adjusting too. There was nothing in the readme to explain that 18/19 should remain and was correct. 


Manual entries (not using the scripts) are behaving the same though. If you run a compulsory credit calculation in ETrillium for a student who has the override process completed manually (awards OSSD separately, granting date and BSID entered) and it wipes the SHSM granting data. So this issue is not occurring simply because we ran the script and updated the school year to 19/20.


I'll update my ticket to work through any knock-ons we may experience from running the script with 19/20.









We are also having the same issue.  We had submitted a ticket and we still didn't have a solution.  We will try your suggestion.