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Join Us! PSU Express 2022

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Published on ‎09-13-2022 02:22 PM by Community Moderator | Updated on ‎09-13-2022 02:25 PM




Picture1 2.40.55 PM.jpgJoin us at PowerSchool’s Global Headquarters in Folsom, California, or at our Center of Excellence in Roanoke, Virginia!





PowerSchool is excited to announce the return of PSU Express! Experience two days of onsite,

hands-on training focusing exclusively on customizations. Choose one of two workshops

designed specifically for PowerSchool SIS, or better yet, take both and really expand your skills!

PSU Express: Introduction to Customizations

(Monday – Tuesday)

  • PowerSchool SIS Customizations 101: Introduction to Customizations
  • PowerSchool SIS Customizations 110: Using Database Extensions to Create Pages
  • PowerSchool SIS Customizations 111: Custom Pages in the
  • Teacher and Parent Portals PowerSchool SIS Customizations 120: Creating Alerts

PSU Express: Advanced Customizations 

(Wednesday – Thursday)

  • PowerSchool SIS Customizations 202: Accessing Data Using SQL
  • PowerSchool SIS Customizations 301: Using SQL on Custom Pages
  • PowerSchool SIS Customizations 350: Using Database Extensions
  • PowerSchool SIS Customizations 360: Using PowerQueries


This is a unique opportunity to take our most popular PSU courses and learn from our customization experts with over 45+ years of combined experience building, maintaining, and delivering instruction.


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Will you be attending?

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Mon, Oct 17, 2022 08:00 AM PDT
Thu, Oct 20, 2022 09:00 AM PDT
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