Q&A: What is the Fee Structure and Policies for Server Migration?


What is the Fee Structure and Policies for Server Migration?


Note: The services and fees indicated below apply only to those customers who do not wish to perform the server migration themselves. Customers intending to perform the server migration independently are welcome to contact the Technical Support department when encountering questions or issues during the process.

**Please note that the services and fees indicated below do not apply to the migration of PowerSchool 6.x / Oracle 10g to PowerSchool 7.x / Oracle 11g.**


Server Migration Service

The migration of your PowerSchool Premier instance to a new server(s) shall incur a cost calculated by the formula $500+$250n where n is the number of additional servers that will exist in the customer's Premier instance/environment at the time of the service.

Should the customer request the service for an additional instance of Premier (test), the fee shall be $500 for the first server and $250 for every server thereafter provided that the service for the additional instance is requested, scheduled, and completed within the exact same deployment window as the provision of the initial service; any failure to do so on the part of the customer shall result in the full fee being assessed.

This service does not include the update of any versions of PowerSchool installed.


Overnight and Weekend Services

TSG offers weekend services for remote PowerSchool Technical Service offerings. The fee for this offering is $2400.00. The customer will be billed at the daily rate of $1200 for the time used.


Custom Services

Custom or additional services intending to support the server migration shall incur variable fees according to the nature of the work requested. The pricing structure may be based on per-student, per-hour, or per-day rates, or may be determined according to a base fee.

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