EMS PowerSchool SIS Version Update Scheduled Dates

Deployment Release Information for Enterprise Management Service Clients

TSG provides its EMS clients with the discretion to determine if they would like to have a new version of the PowerSchool SIS deployed to their environment, and if so, when they would like for TSG to do so on their behalf. 


Schedule for Deployment of Current Release to EMS Clients

EMS instances that normally receive updates automatically will be upgraded to version  PowerSchool beginning on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022.


EMS clients who receive updates on demand, or those who would like the release sooner, should submit a PowerSchool Software Update Service request found on PowerSource here.


Questions on the PS SIS Release Schedule for EMS clients should be directed to MyEms@PowerSchool.com.


Historic Deployment Release Schedule

Previous PowerSchool SIS releases and the date which the version deployment to EMS clients began can be found below:



PowerSchool SIS Version Date 2-Nov-22 13-Sep-22 10-Aug-22 19-Jul-22 30-Jun-22 07-Jun-22 24-May-22 02-Apr-22 30-Mar-22 03-Mar-22 04-Feb-22 05-Jan-22 07-Dec-21 05-Oct-21 06-Sep-21 06-Sep-21 13-Jul-21 12-Jun-21 26-May-21 14-Apr-21 16-Mar-21 09-Feb-21 02-Jan-21 08-Dec-20 24-Nov-20 06-Oct-20 N/A N/A 25-Aug-20 04-Aug-20 11-Jul-20 16-Jun-20 23-May-20 10-Mar-20 04-Feb-20 31-Dec-19 03-Dec-19
19.11.0 19-Nov-19
19.4.5 15-Oct-19
19.4.4 24-Sep-19
19.4.3 20-Aug-19
19.4.2 23-Jul-19
19.4.1 25-Jun-19 21-May-19
19.4.0 14-May-19 02-Apr-19 On Demand 05-Mar-19 29-Jan-19 08-Jan-19 11-Dec-18 16-Oct-18 2-Oct-18 On Demand 4-Sep-18 21-Aug-18 31-Jul-18 On Demand 19-Jun-18 4-Jun-18 4-Jun-18 4-Jun-18 1-May-18 On Demand 20-Mar-18 20-Feb-18 30-Jan-18 2-Jan-18 28-Nov-17 7-Nov-17 10-Oct-17


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