Planning for next school year - combining two schedules in the same year


Planning for next school year - combining two schedules in the same year

Hello everyone, we have been trying to plan and figure out how to prepare PS for the 2020.2021 school year.  We have schedules ready and now we know for sure we cannot go back to school fully presencial in August.   

The school Admin is analyzing different options and one that seems suitable is to work virtual for the month of August and work blended (virtual and presencial) beginning in September.  It might be that at some point during 2020.2021 we might be able to get back to "normal" life.  

We are wondering what your schools are looking at and which models you are planning to implement.  

Also, if this will be the case for us, most likely we will need to combine two different schedules during the same year in PS.  Has someone done this before?  

Claudia Estrada
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Following!  We are trying to figure out the same thing.

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @cestrada and @JoAnneR9,


Thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community with your query!


The feature that enables combining two schedules in the same year isn't built into the PowerSchool SIS.  However, you should be able to reach out to the PowerSchool SIS support team to discuss your requirements on what you are attempting to do and come up with the best way to establish that.


I also encourage other community members to share any experience around this topic if they have tried or created something that has worked well on combining two schedules in the same year.

PowerSchool Community Support Expert

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