Learning Pods for Social Distancing ???


Learning Pods for Social Distancing ???

We are placing students socially-distanced in classrooms and then having the teachers rotate through the classrooms. So, the students will be with their same "learning pod" throughout the entire school day.




1. I am wondering how to set this up in PowerScheduler. I was thinking of assigning all students in a grade to a "House" and then have dynamic "Teams" within the "House." I have never scheduled this way before, so I am looking for some guidance. 


2. Lunch will be in the classrooms, so how do I schedule the lunchtimes?


Thank you for your help in advance.

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Hi, I can't really help you with the first question.  We looked at this option on a high school level to see if PowerScheduler could identify and group students with the same course requests. Because of math, world languages, visual/performing arts, etc. there are so many variable combinations that it is impossible to do this by hand.  However, in a school that has a standard selection of class, this is much more possible.


For the second, you can create a class called LUNCH (no credit - do not store grade, etc.).  You can mass enroll the students from a specific team or house into that "class/section".  

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Thank you for responding. I already have a lunch period with only two sections from previous school years. I will just need to expand the number of sections for this year. Thank you for helping me think through #2.