Missing drop down list in the form

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Missing drop down list in the form

There is no drop down list in the "Relationship to Student" field for contact 1 in the Contacts section of the form when registering.  Therefore, I am unable to "Submit" my form due to the error: "YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED ALL REQUIRED FIELDS AND MET ALL FORMAT REQUIREMENTS.  IN ORDER TO PROCEED, YOU MUST:Review your form, select each field marked Required or Invalid Format, and complete or correct your information."


However, there is nothing I can do to resolve this because I can not fill in the "Relationship to Student" due to an error in the form itself.  

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Re: Missing drop down list in the form

Hello @sfeher , thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community!


It sounds like the field you are having trouble with is a Read-Only field, which is intended to be pre-populated from your school district's database. If this field is empty, I would suggest contacting your school district directly so that they can update their record for your student.


Please let me know if you have any further questions!