How do teachers view their grades in PowerSchool Learning for iPad?



As a Teacher, how do I view Grades in PowerSchool Learning for iPad?




The Grades feature in your PowerSchool Learning app will display all published Grades in active Classes. You can access the Gradebooks for your classes by selecting the Grades option in the left-hand menu. 

To view your Gradebooks, just tap the Grades icon near the bottom of the menu. This will take you to the list of Gradebooks for all of the active Classes in which you are a Teacher. Gradebook names are displayed as Class Name: Gradebook Name




To view your Grades for a specific Class, expand My Classes and select the Gradebook. It will expand to show any Roster Sections that may be set up in the Class. Here, Sections A and B are specified.



Chose a Section to reveal all entries currently published in the Gradebook. Tapping any Gradebook entry will open an additional dropdown menu, listing each Student in your Class, along with their grade for that item, to the right of their name.

If your class has a class schedule, you can also tap the Term menu at the top of this panel to switch between Terms and Grading Periods. Choose All Categories to filter between different Categories here. You can also always use the Search icon to start searching gradebook entries across your classes




 You can also sort and view grades by Student. To do so, select My Students in the left panel.



Select a student to reveal the Gradebooks associated with that Student in classes that you teach. To view Grade and Entry details, select a Gradebook and then choose a Gradebook entry from the "Latest Grades" list. If you have left a Comment with a grade, it will be indicated by a speech bubble icon.



Tap an entry for a student to view details about that Gradebook Entry. If you've left a comment for the student, it will be listed in the Grade block on the right-hand side.



If your Gradebook contains more than one Term or Category, those dropdown menus will also appear here. Tap each menu to reveal additional sorting options for Terms and Categories.



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