How do I add a Turnitin assignment as an Activity in my class?

Q. How do I add Turnitin as an Activity in my Class? 


A. Domain Administrators can add Turnitin as an available LTI tool for your domain.  Once Turnitin has been enabled, Teachers can add a new Turnitin assignment as an LTI Activity in any class.  Teacher can set a Close date, add a Rubric, annotate documents, and find out the plagiarism level of students' submissions. Scores entered in Turnitin will now automatically pass back to the Traditional Gradebook in PowerSchool Learning. 


For a full description of the options that are available within an assignment, check out Turnitin's LTI Tool Interface Article.  


Please note: This feature is only available to School & District Edition accounts at this time.


Add Turnitin Activities to a Class


As a Teacher, you can add a Turnitin assignment as an Activity to any class through the LTI & SCORM area of the Activities tab.  For more details on the general process of adding LTI & SCORM Activities, check out our article: How do I add an LTI Activity to my class? 


Choose the Add Activity button, then select TurnItIn from your available tool options. 


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Enter the Title and a brief Description of the Activity you are creating.  The Title will automatically appear to students as the Title of the Turnitin assignment within the Activity.  Then, just hit Save & Configure to get started. 


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You will automatically be authenticated into your Turnitin account and brought to the Assignment Inbox area for a brand new assignment. Select Settings to choose your Max Grade, Start Date, Due Date and Feedback release date.  


Please note: settings that are adjustable here are native to Turnitin. Start and Due dates will control students' ability to submit items to the Activity, but do not effect the visibility of the Activity within your class. 


Assignment Settings.png


Turnitin allows for lots of additional settings.  Would you like to: Allow late submissionsExclude bibliographic materials, allow students to view their own Originality Reports?  How about attach a Rubric? Select any of these through the Optional Settings area, then hit Submit to finalize your settings. 


Additional Settings.png


Hit Publish to choose additional settings, or just Close to go back to this item later. If you Publish you will have the option to select when students can access the activity, whether a Gradebook Entry is created, the Location on Page, and whether to display the Activity as a link that will open in a new window or an embedded object.  


Enter Scores in Turnitin and View Them in PowerSchool Learning


To allow scores to be passed from Turnitin to PowerSchool Learning via LTI 1.1, be sure to check the Create Gradebook Entry box when Publishing the Activity.  


Create Gradebook Entry.png


Scores entered into the grades area in the upper right-hand corner of the Turnitin Document Viewer will automatically be pushed to PowerSchool Learning. 


Enter Scores Here.png


To review scores on the Activity, open the Manage Block (gear icon) menu, then select View Results


Manage Block View Results.png


Scores received from Turnitin will be displayed in the Points Earned (External) column, while the PowerSchool Learning Gradebook Entry is displayed in the Grade column. 


Percent Earned External.png



Just getting started with LTI?  Find out how to Add an LTI Tool to your Domain and more about how to Add an LTI Activity to your Class.  Be sure to check out Turnitin's detailed breakdown of the Turnitin LTI Tool Instructor and Student Interfaces for more information! 

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