Q:  Is it possible for me to see a list of passwords for the students in my classes?  They often forget them and our school does not let them log into their personal email accounts.

A: It is not possible for a teacher to see your students' passwords, but if you are an individual teacher, or if your domain allows for this in their global settings, it is possible that you can reset the password for them.  If this is allowed you can follow these steps to reset a password:

  1. Open the Roster for your class 


  2. Find the student who needs a password reset
  3. Click the Manage Student button and choose Reset Password 


  4. Enter a new password for the student and click reset 



If your school or district does not grant this ability to teachers you will not see the Reset Password option in the Manage Student menu. 

*Note: If you are using the individual teacher version of PowerSchool Learning, you cannot reset your students' password if they are enrolled in more than one teacher's class, or if they are a teacher themselves.