Why does my grade in Learning not show up in PowerTeacher?


 Why does my grade in Learning not show up in PowerTeacher?



In most cases, grades that are entered into a Learning class should automatically appear in your PowerTeacher Gradebook. This will happen automatically, so if you're not seeing this there are a few things to check that could be causing trouble here.

Note: This article only applies to School/District Accounts that have configured the PowerSchool Grade Integration for their domain.


Checking your Class

A badge will appear above the Class menu next to Grades. This will let you know that there are some scores that haven't successfully been passed to PowerTeacher.


When you visit the PowerTeacher Logs, by clicking Grades > Gradebooks, you can see is any individual scores haven't been passed over successfully. If you hover your cursor over the ! mark, you'll reveal additional info to help guide you along!


In most cases, simply selecting ... > Re-Sync will take care of the problem. Otherwise, the pop up will tell you exactly how to get the grades to successfully pass over on your own or with the help of a school admin.


Note: This approach works the same for both PowerTeacher Gradebook and PowerTeacher Pro users!