How do I view the Grade Summary for an individual student?


Q: How can I view the Grade Summary for an individual student in my class? 

A: You can view the Grade Summary for any student in your class by clicking on their highlighted Name in your Gradebook.  The Grade Summary window will pop up, giving you additional options to view each Grading Period, filter to another student, and Print the current view.

Please note: this view is only available for our traditional Gradebook.  If your school is using SBG, find out more about viewing your Standards-Based Gradebook.  

Viewing Student Grade Summaries

1. Open your Traditional Gradebook through the Gradebooks area of the Grades tab within a class

2. To view the Grade Summary area, click on a Student's Name. 


3. The Grade Summary will pop-up, displaying grades by Category.  You can see exactly what your Students and Parents can see!  View the due date, percentage and letter grade, and points earned out of the total available for each gradebook entry.


4.  Special Score Notation and Grade Notation keys appear along the bottom. 2016-09-20_08_53_57-000123.jpg

5. Expand the grades displayed by selecting any Grading Period that you have established in your class.  Print the summary by selecting the Print button on the right-hand side of this view.  When you are ready to view the next student, click on the drop down menu, and select any student to view their Grade Summary



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