Q: How do I view my grades in my classes?

A: To view grades as a Student or Parent, go to the Grades tab in any of your classes and choose Gradebooks.

Terms and Grading Periods

In the Grades view, you’ll see all your currently published grades for the class. At the top level of the page will be a Term grade for the class. Beneath the Term, you can see each Grading Period, including the total grade for each period. Next to each Grading Period is a percentage, which represents the Weight of the grading period. In this case, grades within the "1st Grading Period" are worth 50% of the total term grade, while grades within the "2nd Grading Period" are worth 50%.


If you don’t see a percentage or letter grade displayed for a Grading Period or Term, your teacher may not have published these grades yet. They’ll need to release these grades for viewing before you can see them.

As a Parent, if you have multiple students in a class, you can use the drop down list at the top of the Grades view to switch between each student’s grades. 

Categories and Grades

To see individual assignment grades, click on a Grading Period to expand it. Grades will be organized under Categories, and directly next to each Category you’ll see its weight. In this case, grades received for the "Class Activities" category make up 20% of the final grade, while grades received in the "Homework" category make up 20%. Under the Percent column for each category you can see the cumulative score for items in that category.



Grades will be listed under their respective Categories with the dated items first, ordered from the oldest due date to the most recent. Grades without due dates will be displayed below, sorted alphabetically. For each Gradebook Item, you’ll see the name of the item (which sometimes can link directly to the graded item), the Due Date, if the item has one, the score in Percent, the score in Points, and the Letter Grade, if your teacher has chosen to display letter grades in the gradebook. If not, you will only see the score in Percent and Points for each assignment.