How do I award my student a badge?



How do I award my student a Badge?




Awarding a student a Badge is a fantastic way to recognize educational and social achievements. If you do not see this option for your classes, make sure to ask your Domain Administrator if they can turn Badging on for your school.

Note: This feature is not available for Role Based Roster Classes.

To Award your Student with a Badge

1. Go to any place you see a student Avatar (Discussions, Assignments, Dropbox, Gradebook, Roster, and More).

2. Click a student's avatar (the image next to their name), then click Award Badge.


3. A drop down will appear with all the Badges you have added or created for your class. Select a Badge by clicking on the one you would like to award.



4. Once you select the Badge you would like to award, you can explain how that student earned the Badge by Adding a Testimonial. You can also Attach evidence by adding a file. Once you have added a file or created a testimonial, select Award.


5. Your student now has a Badge to showcase! Badging is a wonderful tool to recognize and affirm students. You can award additional Badges to continue recognize your students' achievements.


Did you accidentally award the wrong badge? Learn more about Revoking badges