What is a Mastery Level Calculation, and how do I change it for my domain?



What is a Mastery Level Calculation, and how do I change it for my domain?



The Mastery Level Calculation is the method by which Standards-Based Gradebooks combine multiple scores for the same standard to determine a student's current level mastery for that Standard. This article includes more information on what the Mastery Level calculation is and how it works.

You can select the Mastery Level Calculations available to each Organization through the Applications tab of the Domain Control by selecting Settings next to the Standards-Based Grading feature.



Select Manage Organization (the gear icon) next to the Organization, and click on Update Calculations.


Enable the Calculation Methods you would like to make available to that Organization, and set one as a Default.



Click Save to apply changes.


If you're new to Standards-Based Grading, check out our Intro to Standards-Based Grading and our SBG Starter Kit for Admins.

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