What's new with the PowerSchool Learning Assignments feature?

On February 10th, 2017, we are introducing an upgrade to the Dropbox and Assignments areas of PowerSchool Learning. Our goals are: A) to eliminate confusion over naming similarity between the PowerSchool Learning Dropbox and the Dropbox, Inc. product, and B) to streamline functionality of two redundant assignment lists in our platform.


We'll be merging the Assignments list and the Dropbox Assignments list into one single feature: Assignments.


After February 10th, here's what will be new!


  • All functionality from the former Dropbox tool has been merged into the Assignments list, and the Dropbox tool has been removed.
  • There will no longer be a Dropbox sub-tab under the Messages tab. Assignments will continue to live under the Activities tab.
  • We will remove references to the Dropbox throughout the interface, so all relevant routing point to the Assignments list.
  • In the Assignments list, a new "Status" column will indicate whether an Assignment is Open, Closed, or Offline, meaning the assignment is a task outside of PowerSchool Learning.
  • In the Student view, a "Hand in" button will appear next to each Assignment, replacing the same hand-in functionality previously found in the Dropbox.



PowerSchool Learning is an ever-evolving platform, and these changes are the direct result of the feedback of our schools and districts. Thank you! We always welcome your additional suggestions via our Feedback Forum.

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