Mobile App will not Display dropped classes grades


I have students that dropped a class but it does not display in the Powerschool Mobile App.   The student has a grade and the grade is even stored.




The logic was that they only display Currently Enrolled Classes


    An Enhancement Request has been created -





    Log into Public Portal to see the grades



Has this issue been built into the mobile app yet?

Hi @BarbaraM2,


This feature is currently not built into the PowerSchool Mobile app.  We recommend subscribing to the PowerSchool Mobile Release Notifications section of the community to be notified when a new release is available.

How do you check this for the website view?  

@BishalG and @ZWatsonEDU 


When logged into the public (parent/student) PowerSchool portal, on the Grades and Attendance tab, near the bottom, click on "Show Dropped Classes Also".



Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 8.46.17 AM.png


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