How to Set an Appointment



  • I am trying to make an online appointment but don’t know how.




  • Did the next steps on the submission confirmation page instruct you to make an appointment with the school?
  • Are you trying to make an appointment with the school, but don’t know how?




The appointment setter is a useful tool to set a date and time to meet with the school online without having to call or go into the school.


  • Click on the link to create an appointment.
  • Choose the student you would like to set an appointment for.
  • You will be shown a calendar with available appointment times. You may scroll forward and backward on the calendar by using the arrows.
  • You will see color coded time slots.
    • If the color is a dark blue, that means that all appointments at that time are available.
    • If the color is yellow, there are still remaining appointments but some have been taken.
    • If the color is orange, all appointments are taken for that time slot.
  • Once you have selected an appointment slot, click on your chosen date and time on the calendar.
  • An appointment pop-up will appear. Here you can confirm that all information is correct: the student, the event, the date, and the time.
  • Once you have confirmed all information is correct, click “Confirm Reservation”.
  • The next page will be the Appointment Details page. This page can be navigated back to at any time by clicking “Home” (near “My Account” and “Save & Log Out”) and then on the appointment.
  • On the Appointment Details page you can cancel the appointment or schedule an appointment for another student.


Still Not Working?


  • Unexpected errors - try clearing the cache or using a different browser.
  • Contact the school to set an appointment directly.
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