Has Recommendation Invitation Been Received?



  • I have submitted a recommendation request and want to know if the recommender has received it.




  • Are you applying to an independent school or program?

  • Did the school or program ask you to submit recommendations using SchoolRecs?

  • Have you submitted a recommendation request and want to find out the status of the recommendation?


Resolution steps


  • Log into your schoolrecs.com account and select “Recommendation Center” in the navigation menu at the top of your screen.  Here, you can view the status of all of your recommendations.

  • If the status says “Needs Your Attention”, you haven’t submitted the invitation to the recommender yet.  Click on the Form to open the invitation, complete the required fields and submit.

  • If the status says “Pending”, the invitation has been sent but the recommender hasn’t accessed it yet.  Try contacting the recommender directly to confirm they have received the invitation email.  If they have not, you can cancel your invitation by clicking on the Form and selecting “Cancel” at the bottom of the page.  You can now edit the invitation content and resubmit it to an alternate email address provided by the recommender.

  • If the status says anything else (“Accepted”, “Declined”, “Submitted Online by Recommender” etc…), this means they have successfully accessed the invitation email.


Still Not Working?

For additional support, please connect with us via Live Assist or send us an email through the following link: https://help.powerschool.com/t5/Support-Case-Chat/ct-p/SupportCaseChat

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