switching schools?


switching schools?

I need to switch schools within the district. It's not giving me that option that I can see. Is there something I can do to change that? Or will I need to go to the school to do so?

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It is likely the school location field on the registration form is prepopulated by the school district.  If your child should be registered at a different school within the same district, I recommend reaching out to the previous school location, the new school location, or the district office to assist submitting a registration form for the new school.  The district should be able to change the school location in which your child will be attending in the 2019-2020 school year.


Hello! I am in the same boat, needing to switch schools. As directed, I've contacted my school, who in turn contacted the district administrator. The response I received is that I needed to create a new account, under a different email address. The original response to this post led me to believe that a change should be able to occur within the current account, not that I would need to create another one. Not sure where to go next if the district administrator, which seems to be the end of the line, doesn't know how to do this?


I should also note that the previous school already withdrew us in PowerSchool, so I'm not sure if/how that affects things. I am not able to log in at all, advising to contact the school for help. I also contacted the previous school; they also did not now how to assist. Just providing all details in case I was going to be directed back to the previous school.


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For PowerSchool Enrollment accounts you do not need a new account for every school district, if both school districts use PowerSchool Enrollment you should be able to use your existing account credentials to submit enrollment forms across districts.


However, PowerSchool Parent Portal or PowerSchool Mobile app accounts are exclusive to each school district.   In case you are moving to a new district, you will need to create a new account for the new district. On the other hand, If you are moving to a new school within the same district the school name should change automatically.


To create a new Parent Portal account the new school district will provide you with a link to their PowerSchool Parent Portal instance and necessary information to guide you through the setup process.  The following knowledge base articles should be able to provide more information.


How do I log into PowerSchool? How can I find my account information? 

How can I find my District Code?


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