problem submitting application

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problem submitting application

There are two fields that are showing up as an error which won't let us fully complete the application process. The field for submitting mothers name is indicating not to put deceased in the name field however we have indicated mothers fist name as Sharon. She is not deceased.

Second field causing an issue is fine arts yes/no. We have indicated yes and listed chorus as the specific fine art and it is throwing an error. We have also tried no just to move through the process but that choice throws an error at the end as well. How do we complete these two fields in order to finalizine and submit the application? Thank you.

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Hi @greggofish


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community! 


A commonly overlooked field on the Enrollment form is the parent's middle name. I suggest reviewing the form to ensure all fields and checkboxes are completed before submitting the registration form.


I have attached an article that will guide you through the process of submitting your form. You can access the article through this direct link. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any follow-up questions. 

Elston S.
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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