had to remove one parent to submit form


had to remove one parent to submit form

I am a divorced parent and i tried to enter other parent's information for contact informtion and it kept going back to red after I refreshed the page. I then tried removing the contact just to check if it would allow me to type in dad's name and it would and the red would disappear. I tried to resubmit but checked it and the name was gone and the red (required) was back. I did this several times. I then restored the contact information and it woud not let me type any names in the name box but it was stil red. I finally gave up and removed wanted to provide other parent not living in the same resident's info and it finally let me submit it because the red was gone but so was any information I wanted to provide. I do not know why it was reacting this way, but I would have liked for the other parent to receive information to their address too. 

Not sure if anyone also experienced this clitch. 
Very frustrated. I tried restarting it several times too. 

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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!

I apologize you experienced difficulties entering parent information in the registration form.  With your registration form being submitted, I recommend reaching out to the school to request the school enter the information into their Student Information System on your behalf.

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