gmail + sign addresses don't work?

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gmail + sign addresses don't work?

I tried to sign up to the main site with a gmail address with a plus sign, for example, I received no confirmation email after signing up so im not sure it worked. I forgot the password recently and tried using "forgot password" and received no emails as well.

I tried this as well on this forum board and again it did not work as I didn't receive an email verification link. So I had to change my email to register and post here.


So either gmail's plus sign email addresses are temporarily not working (i've used them for years and never had a problem) or this website and forums do not support and don't properly flag it as to make you think it is supported. Anyone know the answer or have it working with the plus sign?


Secondly, if the plus sign is not supported here, who do I contact to change the email on my account? Unfortunately I lost the password, so I can't login to change the password. I'd like to keep my username so making a new account is not ideal. Hopefully, you don't tell me to contact the school as they have no clue about these kind of things.

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Hi @sdhcsd


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A '+' sign in an E-mail address would be considered as a special character and hence it is not supported by our website and forums. 


Our support teams will be able to assist you with changing your email, password provided you can answer all the security questions on the account. I request you to click on the link provided to reach out to our Support team: 


Enrollment (Registration Family Support)


Please let us know if you have any further queries. 

Elston S.
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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