enrollment error

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enrollment error

Filling out the Forms, after hitting "next" after the Emergency form, the following message occurs. Will not let me  move to previous form or any other area of registration. I have closed out of this and came back multiple times, to the same error. HELP!



The following error occurred in the ActionFormService.GetActionFormContent: System.ArgumentException: The number of arguments passed to the function does not match the number of parameters defined for this function. at Infosnap.Secure.Domain.Code.Function.Execute(List`1 arguments) at Infosnap.Secure.Domain.Forms.SmartFormUpdate.Evaluate(NameValueCollection formData, IDictionary`2 sessionData, Function function) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Controllers.Services.ActionFormsService.GetValidatorSmartFormUpdate(IList`1 validatorUpdates, ActionSession session, String actionFormContent, Int32 page) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Controllers.Services.ActionFormsService.GetActionFormContent(Int32 publishedActionId, String culture, Int32 page)

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Hello @jholt , thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community!


It appears that you are experiencing a significant Server Error. These are typically caused by a special character having been accidentally entered in the database record for your student. I would suggest reaching out to your school district to report this issue, as they will be able to troubleshoot this more thoroughly.


Please let me know if you have any further questions!


Follow this link and sign in. This should help