Unable to submit registration, please help.

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Unable to submit registration, please help.

I'm dying here.  I've gone over the form with a fine tooth comb about 15 times with no solution to my problem.  I've checked the my email address, home address and phone numbers.  I've cleared caches, switch browsers and even laptops.  I don't have the time or mainly the patience to spend any more "hours" trying to solve this mystery.  Someone please help.


On a side note, this form must have roots in Los Angeles City.  They are so bad at my job that I have to take a snapshot of my screen, so I can prove that I finished required trainings.


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A common issue that prevents parents from submitting their forms is the Priority page. Each contact on that page needs to have a different priority number. If the parents are '1' and '2' for example, the emergency contacts would need to be '3', '4', and so on. Once this is completed, you should be able to successfully submit your form.


This article should walk through the steps of setting the priority settings within the Contacts section of the registration form.


If you are continuing to experience difficulties submitting the registration form, I recommend reaching out to the Enrollment Support Team for immediate assistance using the Live Chat feature.