Unable to submit online registration

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Unable to submit online registration

I've reviewed and re-entered all of my information several times. Absolutely nothing is incorrect or missing but no matter what I do the page will not let me submit my registration.I keep getting the message to fix whatever has been noted as "incorrect format" but there isn't anything. No idea what to do but it seems like plenty of people are having the same issue so maybe it's not operator error?

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Thank you for posting in the Community!  @bbrown726 


We have seen many users experiencing difficulties submitting their registration forms this summer.  We have found the most common resolution to submitting the registration form is the priority settings for contacts and emergency contacts. 


This article will guide you through the process of setting up the contact priority within the form.


Thank you for your response! @Marlizbeth 

I recommend reviewing the following links to walk through steps to access your Enrollment account.


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