Unable to Upload PDF

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Unable to Upload PDF

I am unable to upload a multipage pdf document. The file size is about 9MB. The upload status shows 100% uploaded but I receive the message Waiting for PowerSchool and the document never gets uploaded. I have tried to upload on Safari and Google Chrome and neither is working. 

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Thank You for reaching out to us on PowerSchool Community!

In case you are using a smartphone or tablet to upload the document, I recommend switching to a desktop or laptop device to upload the document.  I also suggest clearing the cache of the browsers, just to cover all bases.  You may want to refer to our Knowledge Base article on Uploading Documents for further troubleshooting  steps: Uploading Documents


If you continue to face hindrance while trying to upload the PDF document I suggest reaching out to your school district for further support as they have more information on their specific setup and can work with PowerSchool Enrollment support to find a resolution if necessary.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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