Unable to Submit Forms


Unable to Submit Forms

I cannot submit my forms because there is a RED box by "relationship to student" that box is grayed out and it did not populate from the previous years-- you cannot add "mother" or "father" and it will not let you edit it either. I tried in Chrome and in Internet Explorer. Any one else have this problem?
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School districts require some fields to be completed to submit Enrollment forms. If you are attempting to complete a required field, but the field remains greyed-out, this means that the field is a Read-Only field and is intended to be completed with information from your school district's database. 


I'd suggest reading over the information you have entered for correctness. It is possible the field is only required since the other information is missing. If none of these steps work, I'd recommend reaching out to the school to get the information changed within the school's system.


I have provided an article below that should help to explain the process further: 


Cannot complete required fields on Enrollment Registration Form


If you have any further queries, please feel free to get back to us. 

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