Unable to Register


Unable to Register

Hello,I am unable to register my child. There was anissue whre her father tried to register her but was unsuccessful. I always register her every year. We both have tried to register her but cannot. We have contacted the school registrar and others as well and has been given the same answers. We/ve been advised that it is a techinical issue and that her account would have to be reset. Please Help Us as time is drawing near for her to start school.

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Community Moderator

Hello @Shawandaesess , thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community!


Based on your description, there are two different solutions you could try:


1) If your student's father has access to his account, he should be able to complete the form by making sure that each contact in the form has one and only one phone number marked as the primary phone number. Once each contact has one and only one phone number marked as primary, he should be able to submit the form.


2) If your student's father does not have access to his account, I would suggest contacting your school district to request that they contact our support team. With the school district's permission, we can move the form to your account so that you can complete it. Follow the same steps as above to complete the form, and you should be able to submit.


Please let me know if you have any further questions!