To many accounts. None are working


To many accounts. None are working

Still nothing. I am completely turned off by power school right now. I used to LOVE power school and thought it was a genius idea.
Now teachers keep reaching out to me to go on power School and I can't so they keep sending me the kids's codes so I can make an account. Complete joke. I should not have to create a 4th email because you can't play nice with yourself.
You should be able to have 1 account and switch between districts. Huge oversight on developers part. Help me fix this. Articles do NOTHING.
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Different districts have different physical servers and they do not talk to each other. This is by design for security and not an oversight.


While not exactlly convenient, separate access accounts provide an additional level of securty in regards to students' educational records, which are protected under a Federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


And before you ask, no I do not work for PowerSchool. I just support PowerSchool districts.

Full Disclosure: I do not work for PowerSchool
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Thank you for reaching out in the Community!

Thank you for your help @JeffG9 !


@JeffG9 is correct!  If you have children that are no longer in a school district, I suggest reaching out to the previous school district to request your account is removed within that district.  This will allow you to use the email address within a new school district.