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Student Enrollment KISD

First off I have submitted my childrens forms. Recieved a confirmation now I'm getting emails saying they are incomplete.  


I went back to review the information and completed the info it requested.  Each time being kicked back and unable to submit.  The last try I received a notice after I tried to edit the emergency contact relationship info and it send a message stating I had to contact support.


The areas not excepting or retaining the entry are the agricultural section, the childrens place of living, also the emergency contact area.   


I also have a red area on my childs Name  it suggests that it "be as it appears on his birth certificate", it is. 


I'm at my wits end with this form and I have contacted the school administration about this situation and I was refered here.  


Please get this fix its frustrating and im sure its not just me having the issue.  I have tried to submit on my laptop and my phone and we don't own a tower.  It needs to be fix.


thank you

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Hello @PBJSJones , thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community!


It sounds like you may have been experiencing an issue with your browser's cached data. If you are still unable to submit your form, I would suggest clearing your browsing history, cache, and cookies, or switching to a different web browser, as this should improve the performance of the site. 


As for the red lettering appearing next to your student's name, this is not an error message but a notification message to ensure that you are entering your student's full and correct name, rather than a nickname. You should still be able to submit your form without correcting these fields.


Please let me know if you have any further questions!