Special Character in Email Address (for login)


Special Character in Email Address (for login)

Hi there,


My PowerSchool login email address contains a "plus" sign (like, xxxxx+xxx@gmail.com). The mobile app allows me to log in. Web interface doesn't (returns "The email address is not in a valid format.")


How can I change my email address?


Thank you!

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I have the same problem. I have registered with a special character, and now I cannot continue registration, nor can I update my email address.




Snapcode Problem

We are sorry, but there is a problem with the snapcode. It appears that the snapcode is associated with a student to which your account does not have access. In order to access this Returning Student Registration for this student, you must sign in using the following account:

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @ahoneycutt 


We recommend you refer to this article: My-Snapcode-is-Not-Working if the Snapcode you enter is wrong or not working.


@Niq  If you are referring to the PowerSchool Parent portal account, then you would need to reach out to the school district to make any updates to the information associated with your account. 


Jyotishka B.
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