Returning Registration Emergency Contact Issue


Returning Registration Emergency Contact Issue

I'm trying to enter an emergency contact, and it keeps telling me the field is invalid for the phone number for the 4th Emergency Contact.  I am entering it correctly with the xxx-xxx-xxxx formatting.  I even tried to use another number that is not having an invalid response and it still says invalid for the 4th contact phone number field.  I can't skip it, since its a required field.  How do I correct this issue so I can submit the registration for my child?

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Hi! @RS21400 


I recommend ensuring all fields and checkboxes are completed before submitting the registration form.  Fields that are commonly overlooked on the registration form are adding a phone number and the phone number type such as home, work, cell, as well as the checkbox under the parent contact in which the student resides.


I also recommend reviewing the setup of priority for contacts listed within the registration form.  This article should guide you through the process of setting the priority for each contact.

Muskan Sehar

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