High Conflict divorced parent situation

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High Conflict divorced parent situation

The one VERY frustrating thing about infosnap is the fact in a divorced situation that is High Conflict there are no safeguards to help parents protect their information or provide it to the school through registration.  I have been dealing with this for over 8 years and so far there is not one person that can help me.  I know I cannot be the only parent dealing with this. I have been blocked by my ex to add my information to Infosnap all because it is under his email address.  Last year my contact information was completely removed and I sat down with the school registrar for over 30 minutes trying to get my information added to my kids' profiles.  I thought I had accomplished that, but later found out, when I was needing to be contacted for a behavioral issue at school, that everything had been removed.  My suggestion is to have individual logins to be able to be merged into a child's infosnap profile.  We are able to have seperate logins to review powerschool information why are we not able to have it for infosnap when a parent's contact information should be able to be added and kept on file so that one parent does not control, manipulate, or dictate what happens with a child's emergency contact information? The result of the current set up is that I do not get any correspondance from the schools or school district unless I go in at the beginning of EACH year and speak to the school, each teacher and contact the school district to add my information.  As a parent I hope you can see where I am coming from.  I don't think you would be too happy to be a parent and not be able to be contacted and keep up with the communication all because only one person has control over imputing information into a database.

PLEASE RESOLVE THIS! There has to be a way.  I would love to have someone reach out to me to give information on how this is being addressed and what I can do as a parent to stay involved in my children's eductaion.

Thank you!

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Sorry I understand I have a few misspelled words I accidentally submitted it before I checked the spelling and now I cannot figure out how to fix it.


Hi @nkkipping


I am sorry you are facing issues accessing your child's Infosnap profile. While we completely understand the need to have separate logins for Infosnap accounts, PowerSchool does not have any control over the accounts and database. We design forms, accounts based on the school district's specifications. I recommend submitting this as a feedback to the Enrollment Administrator at the district who should be able to work with the Enrollment team and assist you in accessing your child's InfoSnap account. 

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Do schools have the potential to make two parent accounts for one user? This seems like it would be a more prevalent issue, where separated parents don't want to use a shared login, so how can the school help in making a second account, if even possible


Hi! @apiper,


Currently, you cannot have a single student linked to two different parent accounts.  Even if two parent accounts are created, you cannot add the student to both the accounts.

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