Not able to update enrollment

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Not able to update enrollment

My child is doing virtual learning for her 8th grade year at stevenson middle school. I go to my parent portal to update her enrollment so she will be able to attend o conner high school in august but the message pops up saying "Unable to locate a Roster Record in Power School Enrollment with a matching student ID." Then it shows her student ID which is correct. Im seeing if anyone can help me here. We recently moved here from out of state in case that makes any difference.

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

I'm sorry you are having an issue with this. I can be frustrating to run into these kinds of issues especially after a big move. Unfortunately, this support page is for PowerSchool as a whole and is not specific to the district you're child is attending. You will probably have to contact them to get it resolved.

Doug Skinner

District Instructional Data Officer
Gateway Regional School District

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