Registering a student with this program is why people drink too much!  I initially signed into this program.  I go to the bottom left hand and double click to register students, I put in the CORRECT date of birth and AGAIN I AM HIT WITH HAVING TO SIGN IN AGAIN EXCEPT THIS TIME USING THE SAME USER ID AND PASSWORD I AM TOLD THE INFORMATION IS INCORRECT AND I CAN'T GO FURTHER.  Of course, the nice ladies at the office are able to get in making me look like an idiot but trust and believe I am not stupid, this program is the WORST PROGRAM I HAVE EVER HAD TO USE.   I am going to the office on Monday to do the registration IN PERSON but what a waste of my valuable time.  Has anyone else had this problem and if so, do you have a resolution? 

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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for providing your feedback regarding your experiencing accessing registration forms in PowerSchool Enrollment.


I apologize that you are experiencing an issue accessing PowerSchool Enrollment.  The PowerSchool Community is a great place to connect with peers using the same product for best practices and common troubleshooting steps.  The access issue you are describing seems to be unique to your account.  Since PowerSchool Support will need to review the setup of your account and the school's single-sign-on feature, I recommend reaching out to the Enrollment Support Team in order to protect secure data of yourself and the students in which you are registering.  


A case can be created with the PowerSchool Enrollment Support Team for immediate assistance through the Live Chat feature.  The Live Chat feature can be accessed through this direct link If you are not able to connect for immediate assistance, you can use the Enrollment case portal to create an email case.  Once the Support form is complete, you will want to select Launch Live Chat for immediate assistance or Create Case to start an email case.

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