Family section of registration not allowing me to select NEXT

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Family section of registration not allowing me to select NEXT

I've entered everything requested in the family section of the form. When I try to select the green NEXT, it does nothing. There are no fields outstanding.

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I am sorry to hear about your inconvenience while trying to complete the Enrollment Form. We recommend filling out the Registration form using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers as our Enrollment forms work with these browsers.  


Also, clearing the cache, browser history, and cookies of your internet browser might resolve the issue. The Knowledge-base article "Clear Browser History, Cache, and Cookies" should guide you through the process. 

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Just a haha...when I was "attempting" to fill in the registrations apparently I didn't scroll down enough because I didn't even see the "green" button...pretty funny...I kept on saving and logging off and when I logged on again...there they changes...took about 3-4 tries before I noticed that I needed to scroll down...LOL


Moral to the story...just close out everything and start again...I had an issue with a telephone number that I copied and pasted (thought it would be easier) and took about 5 times for me to realize that I needed to delete the number completely and type it in...finally it went through...


Worth the try..I know I get frustrated..but then again I am kicking and screaming into the "20th" century...LOL