Can't Register - UAT Failed on Contacts Page - Impossible to Clear "Required Fields"


Can't Register - UAT Failed on Contacts Page - Impossible to Clear "Required Fields"

My Use Case


My account already had 2 pre-existing Contacts. However, neither included data for the field "Relationship to Student".


ERROR: The field "Relationship to Student" is "required". However, the needed "drop-down" menu of choices is missing and the field is not a label or verbose field, so it's not possible to type in an answer.


Attempted Solution? Adding a new or additional Contact appears to include the needed "Relationship to Student" drop-down menu of choices, so it's possible to satisfy the "Required Field" when adding new Contacts.


However (ERROR), the system limits the number "New Contact Attemps" (not the total number of Contacts?). So any attempt to simply delete the existing Contacts and replace them with a new contact entry - thus eliminating any issue with the "required field" for "Relationship to Student" is defeated.


The net condition is a complete inability to work around the shortcomings of the "required fields" and complete the Contacts portion of the entry and ultimetly the entire submission.


  • Regardless of how weak this is as a development did it ever escape UAT (User Acceptance Testing)?

  • How many student records contain 2 or more Contacts, each having some type of relationship to the child (besides, like....every single one almost)?

  • Anyone else encountered this development roadblock when trying to register their children for the 2020-2021 school year?




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HI @acaruson


I am sorry you are facing difficulties completing the Enrollment form and thank you for bringing this to our notice. I have escalated this to the Enrollment team who should be able to work with your school district to fix this error on the form. I will update this thread as soon as I receive an update from the Enrollment team. 

Elston S.
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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