Can't Log in Nor Reset Password


Can't Log in Nor Reset Password

Can't log in to Home Access Center.  Forgot username or password option doesn't do anything.  Calling the school number doesn't help either as no one answers.  


What are my options?

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Hi @npnikoloff


I am sorry you are facing difficulties logging in to Home Access Center. I recommend checking the school's website which should contain the updated mode of contact and the school district should be able to assist you in resetting your credentials. 

Elston S.
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I was having the same issue and nothing worked. I looked up my old emails from Leander ISD Insider LeanderISD and I fund my password in the email, which was sent out last year August 23rd and that old password worked, I was able to sign in to HAC. Maybe will work for you to?  


I'm having the same issue. It's not allowing me to register or reset my password.


Any specific help would be appreciated. 


Please don't spam or waste our time with "call the local office" or "check their website".  We're not imbeciles.  If you have a direct link or a number, please do share.


The other thing too - I registered here only this morning and within 2 hours I received 8 emails with absolutely useless information.  More waste of time...


I am also having this issue.  When I attempt to reset/retrieve my username and password by typing my email the website states I have entered an incorrect username and directs me to follow "the link below" which is non-existent.  Seems as though the website is experiencing difficulties


Same issue here, no password is sent from "Forgot User Name Or Password"

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Community Moderator

Thank you for reaching out in the Community!  I'm sorry you are experiencing difficulties resetting your password. 


You can reset your password by selecting Forgot Username and Password and entering the email address associated with your account to receive a temporary password.  Next, you will want to log in to your Enrollment account using your temporary password and your email address as your username.

I also recommend checking your Spam/Junk folder for the temporary password.


If you have requested a temporary password and you are unable to login to your Enrollment account or have not received the temporary password, I recommend connecting with our Enrollment Support team to review your account details.  You can connect to the Enrollment Support team using this direct link.

Jamie H.
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Hi, thanks for reaching out.  Unfortunately, I had tried to use the Reset Username/password link.  It took me to a page where I could either enter a username or email address.  I selected that I wanted to use my email to recover my account info, and entered my email, but it gave me an error message saying Invalid Username, please use the link below to send an email link to reset your username/password.  There was no link on the page to click.  I tried this a few times, and I did check my spam folder.  I will reach out to the Enrollment support team and will report back to this thread when I have a resolution.  


I did enter my correct email address in the Forgot Password form and it seems that it goes through but I received nothing in my email account.  I have done this a couple of times with no success.