Can not enter relationship to student

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Can not enter relationship to student

While attempting to complete the mandatory powerschool enrollment the required field that asks for the relationship to the student is not clickable or editable and I can not submit the form because a required fieeld is missing.  THe form is broken and does not allow a required field to be entered

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I am having the same problem.


Having this issue as well


I am also having the same problem.

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Same issue, any resolve yet?

Click on Remove Contact. Then the drop-down menu for the Relationship will show up to click on. You need to re-enter the contact info. Clicking on Restore Contact will make the Relationship field uneditable again.


I am having the same issue.

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Thank you for providing a resolution! @hylios 


If you are unable to walk through the steps provided by @hylios, I recommend reaching out to the school.


The school helps build the registration forms and determines which fields are prepopulated.  Because of this, I recommend reaching out to the school to share your experience with the customer relation field in the registration form so the school can work with PowerSchool to adjust the prepopulated fields.



I am unable to complete registration due to the same issue.



Hi @sjbolon,


Please try removing the contact and re-adding the contact information as stated above by hylios.


If you continue to face an issue when selecting an option from the Relationship to student field drop-down, please reach out to the school district to report the issue.  The school or district can work with PowerSchool support to find a solution if required.

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