Can not change #1 parent (primary parent)


Can not change #1 parent (primary parent)

When we moved to Florida in 2016 mom enrolled the kids in school while I was at work.  During the enrollment process she listed herself as parent #1 (primary parent).  In late 2017 mother left the household and the three children stayed with me.  At the END of the 2017-18 school year I attempted to re-register our three kids for the 2018-19 school year.  I could not submit any of the registration forms because I am not the primary parent and I refuse to 'digitally forge' mom's signature.  It is also a legal and ethical concern for me as she is no longer the primary parent and no loner lives in the area.

On the first day of the 18-19 school year I had to go up to the school and register the children in person.  When I requested that the school(s) make me the primary parent I was told that it couldn't be done at the school level.  It had to be done at the district level and mom had to authorize the change.  Mom has not been helpful in this endeavor.  

Now we are starting the 19-20 school year and I still can't re-register my kids.
How do I move mom to the number 2 parent and make me the primary parent?  Certainly there must be a way to have this done even if one parent is not cooperating.  
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Thank you for reaching out in the Community!

I recommend reaching out to the School or District office and request the change is made within the district.  The school should be able to provide the district's contact information to submit the request or provide the next steps to verifying the change of the primary parent.