Athletic Registration

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Athletic Registration

I am trying to register my daughter for the fall season and get all the way through the forms to the payment page when prompted with an error.  I was able to register my son for soccer, she is doing girls swim and dive and it wouldn't go through - are each sports "turned on" at different times so to speak?

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Typically, forms for specific sports seasons are not set to be available for specific sports; however, this would be up to your specific school district. I would suggest reaching out to your district for further clarification on how to register your students for fall sports.


Please let me know if you have any questions!


I’m trying to sign in my son for soccer can you please direct me where to go on the power school community please I’m having a hard time.Thank you

Hi @Aurela25 , Thank you for posting in the PowerSchool Community!


I would like to let you know that the forms required to enroll your son for soccer should be available with your child's school district, I suggest that you reach out to your child's school for further support.

Hope this helps.

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My son told me I have to do it through PowerSchool community?

Hi @Aurela25 ,


Thank you for posting on PowerSchool Community.


I understand your concern, The PowerSchool Community is a great place to search help articles and connect with peers using PowerSchool Enrollment. While we encourage you to continue utilizing the PowerSchool Community for assistance with PowerSchool Enrollment or parent portal, I recommend reaching out to the school to request sports forms specific to the school district.


I hope this was helpul.
If you have any questions feel free to reach us.

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