Applying/Enrolling my foster daughter in a transfortmation school

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Applying/Enrolling my foster daughter in a transfortmation school

I'm trying to apply for Pre-K in the 20-21 school year for my foster daughter at a transformation school. I'm confused about the income section because it is asking for household income and since she is actually a ward of the state her income is not based on my household income. How should I handle those questions on the application? She is eligible for SNAP, Medicaid, etc but I (the guardian) am not. She is measured on her own income not mine in the court system, guardianship, state, county, etc.

Please advise.

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This is a great question!


PowerSchool Community and Support help in questions or issues that relate to completing the enrollment form. Questions surrounding the information that should be provided such as income details for a ward of the state, SNAP, Medicaid, etc are decided by the school district. I recommend reaching out to the Enrolment section of your school district to help determine what information should be provided within the family income field.

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First of all, you should ask this question to the foster agency. They should know all these aspects because you take care of that child through the agency. I also have a teenager in my care; his name is Jeff, a wonderful boy, intelligent, and with enormous potential. It was a long way from determining that I should foster a child. The people at helped me in my decision, and they are also the ones who guide me in this process so that my husband and I can become Jeff's best parents, those parents he, unfortunately, didn't have.