Application requires education of Guardian/Parent 3

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Application requires education of Guardian/Parent 3

My application form is not being accepted because I haven't completed all required fields. The missing required field is the education level of a Guardian/Parent 3. Oddly, the form does not require a name or address for this non-existent person. Since there is no Guardian/Parent 3, what education level should I invent?

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School districts require some fields to be completed to submit enrollment forms. If you are attempting to complete a required field, but the field remains greyed-out, this means that the field is a Read-Only field. These fields are intended to be completed with information from your school district’s database, and thus are not able to be changed.


If there is information missing from a required Read-Only field, we suggest contacting your school district directly so that they can update their database with the missing information. 


I have provided some articles below that will help walk you through this process: 


Cannot complete required field 


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Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

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