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Application Question



When the application acceptance window began a month ago, I submitted an application for Solar Prep Girls for my daughter. I was talking to several friends who work for DISD who said I should have answered questions about our economic status. At no point during the application did I have to answer any questions. I just visited the application website and it is a completely different website that I filled out the original application last month. 


I just submitted an application for another transformation school. Do I need to resubmit my application to Solar Prep Girls in order to fairly considered for the lottery based on socio-economic background?


Also I submitted an application to Dealey Montessori as her first choice and Harry Stone as the second. We already have our "interview" scheduled at Dealey for next month. I was told by my DISD friends there is a new Montessori school opening in Downtown Dallas. I went ahead and submitted an application for that school. Will she be considered for that school based on socio-economic background, or can we not apply for that school since we have already applied to Dealey and Harry Stone?


I appreciate your help in advance.


Thank you,

Andreina P. Guevara

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Hi Andreina, Thank You for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community!


I understand that you are concerned about your daughter's acceptance to schools part of the DISD.  PowerSchool can assist with questions regarding accessing and completing the registration form, however, questions about admissions are specific to each school district.  Due to this, I recommend connecting with the school's administration office to request information regarding admission.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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