How To: Forgot Document Attachment Password


User forgot my document attachment username or password and needs to log into the service to attach a document. 



Parent Form Responders 

Teacher Form Responders 

Administrative Form Responders



Forgot Username: 

Your username is the email you used when registering for your account.  If you’re not sure what email address you used, use the “Forgot Password” process below.  Invalid emails will display an error that the email address is not found in the system. 


Forgot Password: 

From the document attachment element on a form 

  1. Click “Forgot username.” 
  2. Enter the email you used to register 
  3. The system will email you a reset link 
  4. Utilize the link to reset your password 
  5. Login with the newly selected password 


Still Not Working? 

  1. Ensure that the password conforms to system rules (6 characters in length, not any of the simple dictionary words that are disallowed.) 
  2. Ensure that an account with the email does not already exist within the system 
  3. Check junk or SPAM folders for the email reset message (sender: 


For additional support, please connect with us via Support Chat or send us an email through the following link:

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