How To: Finding Forms to Complete


Form Responders must log into SIS to view forms and respond. 



Parent Form Responders



  1. Log in to PowerSchool Parent Portal 
    1. If you need to add a student or need the Access ID or Access Password for your student, please contact the school directly.
  2. Select the correct student from the top ribbon of the screen. 
    1. If you need to add the student to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, follow the instructions in the Adding a Student to Your Parent Portal Account document (also attached at the bottom of this article).
  3. Once you have the correct student selected back on the main screen of your Parent Portal account, you will access your form in one of two ways: 
    1. Click the Forms icon on the left-hand nav. 
    2. After clicking the icon, you will see a list of forms 
    3. Begin your form.
  4. If no forms are visible check the tabs at the top of the display (Enrollment, General, Classroom, Support) – the forms(s) may be on a different tab.

Still Not Working? 

For additional support, please contact your district's PowerSchool Administrator. 

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