missing classes report


missing classes report

Good afternoon, 


Is there an easy report I can run that will just list the name of a student and what hour they are missing a class? 

I have ran all my loads but it seems like some kids still have holes in their schedule. I'm aware of the matrix report.  I'm just looking for something easier?



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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

Have you tried Student Schedule List? It shows the number of scheduled classes by student. Once you have the name of the students, you could run a Student Schedule report to view the student matrix.

Nicole Bond
Director of Attendance and Enrollment
Haywood County Schools
Brownsville, TN

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Some keep attendance and factor that in to your grade, some don't. You'd have to look at the syllabus for the class to see what the criteria is, and if it's not clear then just send an e-mail to the professor explaining your situation (I don't think it's unreasonable you'd want to spend a day at home with family to recharge and maintain your mental health) and see if they could grant an exception to policy once or twice.