Working with blacklisted tables

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Working with blacklisted tables

I have a daily automated SFTP export of 16 extracts. The queries are loaded into a plugin and then managed with the export templates.


Recently, a query failed partway through, resulting in a partial, incomplete extract that caused downstream issues (a mass deletion of records in our ODS).


In looking through the table documentation, I saw that the PowerSchool table "DataExportTemplateSchedule" held the relevant information for the success or failure of a query in the field "ScheduleStatus". I wrote a query of this table and attempted to add it to my plugin so that the downstream processes would be contingent upon the success of the queries.


However, I could not enable the plugin because it told me that the table was invalid or blacklisted. Given that I can access the table in the PowerSchool database via ODBC, I am assuming this table is blacklisted. I have not been able to find additional information about managing blacklisted tables or changing permissions for them. This table does not hold sensitive information and I would like to be able to query it.



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Hi @elysiawebb,


Thank you for posting in our PowerSchool Community!


PowerSchool likely has the table setup as blacklisted or not accessible by a plug-in as the message stated so you likely won't find a workaround.


I recommend two options that might help.

  1. PowerSchool has an Ideas Portal where you can submit enhancement requests that are reviewed by the product teams. You can submit a feature request to open this table for plug-in access using the PowerSchool Ideas Portal.
  2. Request to become a PowerSchool partner. Being a partner will enable you to work with PowerSchool support on solutions that might not be available to others and you will have a forum to communicate with other partners. You can complete this form to become a partner.

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I completely agree! The official response here will likely be a request to add an enhancement request. I recommend checking out the unofficial PowerSchool Users Group on for some creative ideas from creative people that may be able to help you get around limitations like this.